The LICTO Research Group on IT and Educational Innovation is part of the Centre of Expertise on Education of the Windesheim University in Zwolle in the Netherlands. The LICTO Research Group is led by Prof. Dr. S.P. (Peter) van 't Riet and searches for answers on questions how IT applications will be able to enhance innovation of education, in particular the organisation of education.

Together with partners the LICTO Research Group investigates issues like: what IT functionality is needed for succesful educational innovation; what innovational strategies in the area of IT and education are effective; what kwowlegde of information systems and information management teachers and managers need to work with effectively, etc.

By their research the LICTO Research Group aim to contribute to the development of knowledge about: educational innovation with IT; the development of educational programs inside and outside Windesheim; the professionalizing of staff and the exchange of knowledge with companies and organisations in the external environment of the university.

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